Walpole Mechanical & Tyres Business Of The Month


By C Smith, CRC Communications


WalpoleOnline.com is your local online business directory and our April business of the month is Walpole Mechanical & Tyres.

Walpole Mechanical & Tyres has been a stalwart of the Walpole community since December 2005. The unassuming Stan Dreja who is an absolute asset to this town owns the business.

Unbeknown to many this small business has been involved in sponsoring a huge list of events including, The Regatta in the Trees, Men and Ladies Bowls, Men and Ladies Golf, Donation of prizes for Walpole Primary School, Community Garden and the Pink Ribbon Breakfast to name a few.  In fact if we look at old copies of the Walpole Weekly “Walpole Mechanical & Tyres” is mentioned numerous times with regard to helping our small community in some way.

So lets support Local.

Walpole Mechanical & Tyres provides essential service for tyre and mechanical work. They are also the local RAC Contractor. The shop sells Bulk Oils, Batteries, Parts and they are the depot for freight in this area.

The fun loving team, Stan Dreja who loves his bowling club, Merry Wills who enjoys getting her hands dirty in the Ficofolia Community Garden, also volunteers at Silver Chain, lastly Ty Robertson and Kerry Gallard, welcomes everyone to this happy place of work.


So next when outside, check the tyres on the car. see when the service is due and book it into Walpole Mechanical & Tyres.

To find out more go to WalpoleOnline.com.


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