About the CRC

The Walpole Community Resource Centre (CRC):

  • Is the largest not-for-profit incorporated organisation in Walpole & Districts;
  • Serves and represents the Walpole & Districts community (How can we help); and
  • Is managed and operated by members of the Walpole & Districts community.
  • Is a charity organisation

Management Committee

The Walpole Community Resource Centre Management Committee consists of financial members duly elected at the Annual General Meeting.

Management Committee Meetings are usually held on the third Friday of each month at in order to establish policies under which the Staff and Volunteers operate the CRC on a daily basis.

The Walpole CRC current office bearers and committee members were elected as follows:

Chairperson: Linda Vivian
Vice Chair: Sharon Bell
Treasurer: Lesley Clemens
Secretary: Carmelita O’Sullivan

Committee Members:  David Tapley, Judy Graham & Jenny Duffell


General and Finance Manager: Cherie Smith

Assistant Manager: Trinity Smith

Trainees: Regan Marsh, Diana Smith

Customer Service: Nicole Munro, Nathan Vass Viney


The Walpole CRC’s volunteers are:

Glenda Grigg, Alison Kenworthy, Dianne Box, Jacinta Arnold, Lorraine Bain, Graham Hicks, Ivan Woodhams, Ken James, Gail Guthrie, Margaret Everett, Cheryl Fraser, Colin Steele, Michelle Burkett, Shaun Isaacs, Ivars Sulcs, Heather Burton, Fran Anderson, Jane Roberts, Leeanne Purdon, Kim Polkinghorne


  1. Peter forrester

    Just wondering what crc actually do. Never heard of this group and we have been to many country towns for extended periods. Also see that you are well staffed with a good budget. This should not be taken as criticism. JUST an enquiry. PETER.

  2. WalpoleOnline.com

    Hi Peter,
    Thank you so much for your inquiry we appreciate interest in what we do. Especially when the government are considering cutting our budget by 40%.

    It is difficult to describe what we do in a few sentences, probably easier to talk about what we don’t do, but I will do my best.

    Firstly please see the link below, which gives an overview of what services all Community Resource Centres provide across the state of Western Australia. It makes for interesting reading and seeing it all written down makes me proud of the work we achieve.

    CRC’s at the Heart of Regional WA

    At Walpole CRC we have a few differences including the production of the Walpole Weekly, a newspaper that reports on all the happenings in our region and helps inform our community of the events and community programs that Walpole and surrounding districts are involved in. We also produce the Walpole Directory which allows local business’ to advertise their wares and services to the locals and tourists who frequent our area. This would not be achievable by any other group. We also have the only bank agency in the area. The Bendigo and Adelaide Bank Limited. (The next nearest bank being 160kms north and 70km east)

    Each Community Resource Centre is tailored to its own community’s requirements and needs, but generally always includes assistance with computing and technology that is paramount to a thriving country town. In country areas there are many people who live without Internet access or who can only receive slow cumbersome Internet speeds. Then there are the people who need to access government services and cannot travel to the nearest city to obtain them. Lastly there are the people that are not computer literate but need to use its technology to keep in touch with loved ones, get health care etc. These are just a few of the things Community Resource Centre’s help with.

    With regard to staffing levels we do have a few paid employees that are specialists in their areas of expertise but we are helped by an incredible number of volunteers that tirelessly work for their community. Without them I doubt any CRC would function.

    I hope this information helps in understanding the function of of Western Australia’s Community Resource Centres. I am also hopeful that you will join us in lobbying the Labor Government to keep our funding as is and not introduce the 40% cut it is currently proposing. If you wish to help please either complete a postcard at a local CRC which will be forwarded to local MPs or if you could write to The Right Honourable Alannah MacTiernan MLC, 2 Havelock Street, WEST PERTH WA 6005.

    Thank you again for your interest and please contact me at the email below if I can be of any further assistance.
    Cherie Smith (Communications Officer)
    Walpole Community Resource Centre
    email: communications@walpole.org.au

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