CRC Partnerships

Walpole CRC has had the privilege of establishing a number of professional partnerships over the years, many of which still flourish today.

Current partnerships include:


Right across Western Australia, there are dedicated community spaces where people gather, connect, learn and grow. We call these places Neighbourhood and Community Resource Centres, although they can be known by many names: family centres, learning centres and community centres.

Most are community managed not-for-profits, and some are council run. While each Neighbourhood and Community Resource Centre is unique, reflecting the needs and aspirations of their local community, all are local and welcoming to everyone. People who attend their local Centre tend to be happier, more optimistic, have increased emotional wellbeing, and are more connected. All of which makes for stronger, healthier communities.

As the Western Australian Peak Body for this vital network, Linkwest’s primary purpose is to assist Neighbourhood and Community Resource Centres be the best that they can be, to ensure they develop vibrant, inclusive and connected communities, and remain a part of the local landscape for generations to come.

Linkwest works to achieve this goal by offering our members customised support; training and networking opportunities; personalised resources; information advice and guidance; funding opportunities; marketing tools; and advice and assistance in areas such as centre governance, policies, and mediation.

At any time, we may be involved in a variety of community-based projects; we frequently work with other associations who seek us out for our expertise; and our strong and positive reputation allows us a voice and degree of influence for advocating on behalf of the Neighbourhood and Community Resource Centre sector.

Department of Human Services (Centrelink, Medicare)

The Department of Human Services is a Commonwealth Department that encompasses Centrelink, Medicare and Child Protection Agency. Walpole CRC has been an Agent for both Centrelink and Medicare since 2001, saving clients the time and expense of travelling 240Km round trip to the nearest branches located in Albany.

Australian Tax Office (ATO)

Substantial floor space has been allocated to the ATO to display publications, forms and information leaflets and brochures. The Government Services Information Room has two computers and one printer available for free access via the Internet to all Government portals where information and forms may be downloaded, completed and lodged. Tax Packs are also available for those wishing to complete their own Income Tax Returns.

Department of Veteran’s Affairs

Shire of Manjimup

Department of Corrective Services (Work Camp)

Walpole Sport and Recreation Centre

Walpole Tidy Towns Committee

Silver Chain Health Services Clinic, Branch Committee

Walpole, Nornalup and Districts Community Development Group

The Walpole, Nornalup & Districts Community Development Group is aiming for National Heritage listing.

Walpole Country Club

Walpole Menshed

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