Keep Walpole Litter Free. Sign the Petition (Closed)

The petition is now closed

Michael Filby has picked up hundreds of tons of roadside litter in Walpole and surrounds for 18 years (without receiving a cent from Main Roads.)

I’m 77 years of age, I’ve done the equivalent of 3 circumnavigations of the earth. This cannot go on forever, for either physical or financial reasons.”

Michael Filby

The main purpose of the new petition, is to ask the government to consider the hygiene standards of the Highway 1.

We’re not telling them how to do it. We’re saying at a high level, discuss this issue because it has international concern.

Michael Filby

Learn more about the petition in the Walpole Weekly

The ABC reporting on Michael Filby’s efforts.
On 30th November 2022 at the Walpole Community Hall, local litter hero, Michael Filby (Winner of State and National Environmental awards) made an important presentation for locals and visitors alike. The presentation, titled ‘Time Main Roads cleaned up its act’ invited community members, business owners and environmental enthusiasts to take part in a discussion regarding Walpole’s litter free future.

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