Four Sisters Coffee Shop our Business of the Month

Our featured Business of the Month for May is Four Sisters Coffee Shop.

The much loved coffee shop has been operating in Walpole for the past two years.

I met owner Alicia Johnson on her last day of work as she prepared to go on leave for the eminent arrival of her new baby.

Alicia said that together with her sister Chantelle they had come up with the idea of setting up the coffee shop. “Chantelle and I always wanted our own little business, a nice and relaxed place for the locals and visitors to enjoy,” she said.

Alicia explained that she had wanted to create a place in Walpole for ‘coffee lovers’, and that the name Four Sisters was a tribute to her mum and her aunt Marlene Bidwell.

“My sister’s and I have also always been known as the ‘Johnson girls’ so to name the café Four Sisters just worked,” Alicia added.

Four Sisters has undoubtedly become a popular hub, where you are assured to bump into countless friends and locals every time you visit.

A testament of this is their very successful coffee loyalty card wall, which displays the names of many ‘coffee lovers’.

“We are a bit hidden so we rely on word of mouth for people to find us and the board with the loyalty cards has been very popular,” Alicia said.

With some melancholy Alicia explained that she has handed over her business to relatives so that she can focus on motherhood, but she said she still would like to own a small bistro in the future. She also said her sister Melissa and Manager Peta would carry on serving great coffee! Lucky for us…

  A local coffee lover enjoys a quiet read at Four Sisters Café.

The famous loyalty card display.

Check out Four Sisters  online profile

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