Mal & Barb’s Flaming Hot Takeaways Business Of The Month

By C Smith, CRC Communications is your local online business directory and our September business of the month is Mal & Barb’s Flaming Hot Takeaways.

Mal & Barb run Flaming Hot Takeaways and have done so for over 16 years, building and establishing the business whilst raising two children.

Flaming Hot Takeaways have supplied Walpole with their fish & chips, pizza and all things delicious. I have heard customers comment that they are the best fish & chips in Australia. Their value for money is second to none and all their meals will leave you full and satisfied.

When asked ‘how are you involved in the community’ The reply was ‘We feed the community, we help with catering functions etc to many of the community groups.’

Flaming Hot Takeaways has just had a mini revamp so take the time to examine Mal’s excellent handiwork with the repainting of the store. It is a fun happy look to the place and mirrors the lovely personalities of the two owners.

So next time your in the mood for some yummy tasty food look no further than Flaming Hot Takeaways, around the corner from the Post Office, Vista St Walpole. Cant miss them.

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