Volunteer Marine Rescue

Volunteer Marine Rescue
Volunteer Marine Rescue

Walpole Volunteer Marine Rescue and Peaceful Bay Volunteer Marine Rescue provide a marine rescue and recovery service to boaties and fishos using the local inlets, rivers, and ocean.

Log on and log off on every trip using our radio service:

Walpole VMR call sign “VMR619” on marine band VHF channel 21.
Peaceful Bay VMR call sign “VMR 616” on marine band VHF channel 22.

VMR groups work closely with the Western Australian Police Service (WAPOL) performing search and rescue missions at sea.

Marine rescue volunteers provide a range of emergency management services including:

Assisting WAPOL to search for missing people or vessels
Providing help to drifting vessels unable to make their own way
Assisting in operations to remove grounded or submerged vessels

Rescue assistance includes:

Provision of senior first aid, cardio-pulmonary resuscitation or expired air resuscitation
Towing damaged vessels back to shore or launching ramp
Re-supplying water or fuel to stranded vessels
Providing advice on voyage planning, radio communications and actions to take during an emergency at sea

To volunteer call Walpole VMR on 0427 770 232 or 9840 1527, Peaceful Bay VMR onĀ 9840 8108, or call DFES on 1800 628 141 to speak to a recruitment advisor.

Jones Street near the Town Jetty, Walpole
1800 628 141 for volunteer recruitment
  • Volunteer Marine Rescue
  • Volunteer Marine Rescue
  • Volunteer Marine Rescue

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Volunteer Marine Rescue

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